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August 21, 2019  

These are among the topics planned for Leid Stories' today. Changes as necessary.

August 20, 2019  
August 19, 2019  

Leid Stories asks listeners to identify, based on their own analysis, what they believe to be the greatest threat to or challenge for the United States at this time.

August 16, 2019  

Leid Stories--Let's Hear What You've Been Thinking!--08.16.19

It's been quite a week, snd we've made it through. But you don't get through a week like this unscathed. Look carefully, you'll see evidence of some bruising.

Now you can tell us your story, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. What was your triumph? What was your challenge?

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August 15, 2019  

Leid Stories takes note of: Trump's sudden unpopularity; two more Dems hop on impeachment bandwagon; the very sympathetic media coverage of Jeffrey Epstein; prosecutors go easy on known child-sex-predator havens; Obama's presidential center still trying to fly under the radar.


August 14, 2019  

We've been discussing on Leid Stories what authorities have said appears to be a key factor in each of three recent mass killings in the United States: white supremacy.

But what, exactly, is white supremacy? Is it a new name for the old "racism" we know so well?

Leid Stories returns to a program it aired five years ago that provides perhaps the best explanation of white supremacy.

Our guest, Dr. Jeffrey Perry, an independent working-class scholar, gave a guided tour, based on the seminal works of historian Theodore Allen, whose two-volume book, The Invention of the White Race, chronicles the formulation by power elites in early America of a race-based system of total control. It began in the 1600s, and is the basis of our "democracy" today.

August 13, 2019  

In the aftermath of mass killings--most recently in Virginia Beach, 12 killed May 31; in El Paso, Texas, 20 killed Aug. 3; and within hours of that slaughter, nine killed in Dayton, Ohio--the lone gunmen who perpetrated the unprovoked attacks were said to have been motivated by supremacy.

But what is white supremacy? 

In opening this discussion yesterday, Leid Stories found that definitions were both broad and imprecise, although most understood white supremacy to be a lopsided power arrangement specifically designed to benefit whites over all other racial groups. 

Many callers said they believed the mass killings were linked to a deep resentment by ultranationalist white Americans that they have been losing social, political and economic ground to nonwhite racial groups, thereby threatening what they see as their longstanding dominance or supremacy over all others in all aspects of American life.

The conversation continues.

August 12, 2019  

It has become part of the national lexicon--the term "white supremacy"--but what does it mean? 

Leid Stories listeners discuss their understanding of the term.

August 9, 2019  

Leid Stories' weekly open forum, "Free Your Mind Friday," invites you to share your views on the issues of the day or any subject about which you have special knowledge.


August 8, 2019  

President Donald Trump left El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, yesterday relatively unscathed by Democratic Party  officials, who in the aftermath of mass killings in both cities just days before, blamed his white-supremacist racism for inspiring the killers' deadly attacks. 

Locals protested his condolence visits, but Trump was shielded from them. In brief statements he made in El Paso and Dayton, he condemned the attacks and praised local law enforcement and first responders for saving lives and preventing even greater calamity.

And then, with news conferences purged of "fake" media and "hostile" reporters, Trump turned on the Democrats and his critics, having no opposition.

Leid Stories says the Democrats lost a very important battle yesterday that would be hard to recoup from.

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