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Leid Stories relates the impressions of New York City after only a year since the last visit.

Snapshots of daily life tell a story of a city in which the line between rich and poor has become harder; the pace of life more frenetic; the anxiety and drive associated with “making it” more palpable; and everywhere evidence of the casualties of planned “progress.”

A commentary is meant to spark discussion about the purpose of community and, more particularly, whether “the people” have lost or are losing the battle for community control.  

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The Irony Vote In Washington, D.C.; Sharpton Mines the Dead for Votes

Ferguson On  Edge; Locals Await Grand Jury Decision In Brown Case

Early voting begins today in Washington, D.C., and turnout is expected to be high as the district votes for a mayor, its first attorney general in the district, seven council seats, a council chair, and a referendum on legalizing marijuana possession.

There’ll be no congressional candidates listed on the ballot because Washington, D.C.—the nation’s capital, the seat of democracy—does not have a House or Senate seat.

Meanwhile, the Rev. Al Sharpton is employing a new gimmick in his Democratic Party gig to “bring souls to the polls.” Even for him, it sets a new low—using the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner to convince Blacks that their votes for Democratic candidates will end police brutality.

Today marks two months to the day that St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough began presenting evidence to a grand jury in the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown, 18, by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson to determine whether Wilson should be charged with any crimes.

Leaks from the grand jury were suggesting that it was likely not to indict. Still more leaks said a decision would soon be announced, although McCullough had gotten two extensions for the grand jury’s term, ending in early November. Either way, Ferguson tensely awaits a decision.

Leid Stories returns to the legal issues it has raised about the case.

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‘Degrade and Ultimately Defeat’ the Mind Controllers! Free Your Mind Today!

Congratulations! You’ve outwitted the enemy for yet another week. Now go one step further: Show us how you “degraded and ultimately defeated” the mind controllers.

It’s “Free Your Mind” Friday on Leid Stories—time to have your say about issues and events that shaped or rocked your world and ours.

Call 888-874-4888 and help us all free our minds.

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We’re told time and again how important voting is, how it matters to maintaining “democracy.” We’re also told that not voting is tantamount to political heresy—an unpatriotic act that not only betrays the high ideals of good citizenship, but for many, also the hard-won gains of forebears who “won” the “right” to vote with their blood.

Leid Stories in a commentary says there’s another way to look at voting and that is, not voting. It’s not be confused with apathy or not caring about one’s role as a good citizen. Quite the opposite, it’s a dramatic and vigorous exercise of the checks-and-balances system in which citizens regulate the conduct of government.

Especially for groups for which voting is associated with unique histories of struggle, not voting in some circumstances can be especially strategic in compelling not only accountability in government, but in shoring up rights hard won.

Listeners contribute their thoughts on the issue.

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President Obama is having a rough time of it. A war that isn’t going his way, a still-stagnant economy, signs of incipient ebola contagion, a combative Congress that won’t play ball, the immigration debacle, militarization of police, and a restive electorate that’s turned off by politics and the political process are some of the reasons he’s getting grayer by the day.

Anti-Obama sentiment is gaining momentum, and for assorted reasons. Significantly, though, in recent months blistering criticisms of him have been coming from people he trusted—former high-level insiders, including Cabinet-level appointees and administration officials—who now openly endorse the contentions of “the other side” about Obama’s leadership and capacity to govern.

Leid Stories asks: Why is this happening? Why is it happening now? How much of this belongs to Obama? How much of it stems from … you know.

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The New Class Warfare: The Oligarchs, the Clerisy and the Yeomanry

Scared Yet?: Why Obama’s War and Ebola Policy Should Cause Worry

Out the window with right-versus-left, Republican-versus-Democrat notions of class warfare in America. Enter Joel Kotkin, author of The New Class Conflict, who not only gives brand-new meaning to a political lexicon many would think has no relevance today, but blasts away at the common notion of a fixed class structure.

Kotkin, an internationally recognized authority on global, economic, political and social trends, discusses prospects for progress by the majority under shifting alliances and objectives in the new class conflict.

Judging by the general tone of the Obama administration, everything is under control. Sure, a few minor hiccups here and there, but really, there’s no need to panic or go off the deep end. Not so sure, says Leid Stories—considering that President Obama’s own advisers appear to be at odds with his things-are-under-control assessment. Leid Stories cites two main reasons to worry—the war with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and the first manifestations of ebola in the United States.

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Christopher Columbus: The Truth About His New World ‘Discoveries’

Sure, take the day off, if you’re among that rare group of non-furloughed “essential” employees who get it as a paid day. But at least get to know the “hero” your country – except for the states of California, Nevada and Hawaii -- honors today for “discovering” that civilizations far more advanced than his own had been established and thriving for thousands of years before he accidentally came upon them on a plunderous mission to the East.

Christopher Columbus set in motion unrelenting waves of genocide throughout the “New World,” and ushered in the slave trade in the Caribbean and the Americas. Leid Stories presents an entirely different view not only of this merchant of death and destruction, but also of the conspiracy within the world of scholars to maintain Columbus’s voyages as the first historical point of contact with the “New World.”

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Free Your Mind! Save Your Weekend!

The weekend looms before you, holding out the promise of some well-deserved R&R. But first, you have to be in the right frame of mind. How could you possibly rest and relax with a week’s worth of mind-bending news swimming around in your head?

Free your mind! Save your weekend!

Share your keen insights on big-ticket news—or on other matters you consider important—with an audience that appreciates your intellect.

Call 888-874-4888 and opine your way out of news overload and into to a wonderful weekend with family and friends.

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Souls to the Polls: The Pimping of the Black Church  

We can tell it’s election time. The news is all about hotly contested races, media networks rake in millions in political advertising, and Black churches are suddenly popular among politicians of all stripes who normally wouldn’t set foot in their would-be voters’ neighborhoods.

The Democrats have made a science of pimping the Black church, recruiting influential pastors with significant flocks into the party’s fold. Consequently, says Leid Stories, the interests and rights of many Black communities across the country are actually being undermined by the very people who should be championing them.

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Today marks two months since Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson and almost three months since Eric Garner, 43, died after a violent attempted arrest by a group of police officers during which one of them, Daniel Pantaleo, used an illegal chokehold. To date, no arrest has been made in either case and state and federal probes have yielded no indictments.

Lawyers for both men’s families appear to be interested only in the civil side of the case—the huge settlements they expect to get from their wrongful-death claims against both cities. Meanwhile, that aspect of the case, which is about justice, is being left to the whims and machinations of the very systems they should be fighting.

The sexual-assault cloud hanging over one of the Rev. Al Sharpton-appointed lawyers, Sanford Rubenstein, did not prevent him from staking an early claim to a portion of the Garner family’s expected wrongful-death payout; he filed a notice of claim for $75 million in court yesterday in behalf of the family.

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