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March 7, 2019  
No question about it, President Donald Trump and his administration are at front and center of a political whirlwind, the main purpose of which seems to be to image management. The White House and Trump's "message" people scrub him clean every; Trump is the America's best and greatest president of all time.
Of course, this contradicts just about everything in our daily experience of Trump.
This is why we've been discussing the yawning gap between Trump's crazy, chaotic world and the real world most of us live in, trying to discern the truth of things.
March 6, 2019  
Listeners deconstruct coverage of major stories in the news, paying particular attention to what is omitted or appears to be skewed to shape public opinion and attitudes.
March 5, 2019  
Leid Stories continues to explore major--though unreported or underreported--news issues and developments that are having inordinate impact on our lives and communities.
Of special importance in this exercise is examining whether we are growing in our understanding of social, political and economic systems and how they are used by segments of our society competing for power and dominance.
March 4, 2019  
The month of March already appears to be living up to its dreaded reputation, and it's not only about weather-related disasters. March 2019 has a packed agenda for us, on just about every level.
Leid Stories explores a few of the news items March has blindsided us with.
March 1, 2019  
It's the first day of the month of March. Time to get your brain in gear to keep you focused and ready to handle the craziness that's coming.
Leid Stories' "Free Your Mind Friday," our weekly open forum, helps you test your opinions and ideas. Let's hear what you're thinking. 
Choose your topic, call 888-874-4888, and make your case.
February 28, 2019  
Leid Stories continues with our theme this week of identifying serious errors, omissions and political biases in how major news stories are being reported.
February 27, 2019  
Leid Stories presents another chapter of "What's the Real Story?"
We're separating the wheat from the chaff in news stories and media reports that currently are shaping public opinion.
February 26, 2019  
We continue to look for truth behind the catchy headlines and sensationalized reporting that have become standard fare in media today.
Fortunately, audiences like Leid Stories listeners are becoming more adept at reading, watching and listening between the lies.
February 25, 2019  
Leid Stories catches up on stories that warrant special attention and analysis because these days special-interest reporting  and pro-government/corporate propaganda are at fever pitch.
February 22, 2019  

It's "Free Your Mind Friday," our weekly open forum, and the point of it all is to say what you need to get said. 

Choose your topic and stay on point as you make your case. 

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