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July 2, 2019  

New polls are showing Kamala Harris did benefit from her race-baiting swipe at Joe Biden. He's still leading the Democratic pack,  but Harris has moved into second place.

President Trump is running the country the way he wants to. His latest triumph? The Trump Government.

Facebook, the social media behemoth, has announced that it will ban anyone urging people not to vote. Is this legal?

July 1, 2019  

She's still basking in her glory moment at the Democratic Party's mess of a presidential debate when she took aim at fellow candidate Joe Biden and disabled him. Never mind that her weapon was busing--Biden on the wrong side of it, supporting state policies, and Harris, a child caught up in a totally insufficient response to remedying apartheid education in America.

Harris's single jab at Biden was strategic and decisive; it may topple Biden from his perch.  But it also proved that Harris is a practitioner of dirty politics.


June 28, 2019  

So, the Democratic Partyz last night presented its second and final group  of 10 presidential hopefuls "debating" supposedly key issues of the 2020 election. Like Wednesday night's overhyped "debate," another yawn.

Leid Stories listeners file their reports.




Leid Stories analyzes last night's torture session and predicts tonight's outcome in light of ongoing discussions about myriad challenges confronting the party.

June 27, 2019  

The Democratic Party's 2020 presidential debates mercifully concludes tonight with a second group of 10 candidates playing show and tell, not really debating.

Leid Stories analyzes last night's torture session and predicts tonight's outcome in light of ongoing discussions about myriad challenges confronting the party.

June 26, 2019  

Continuing yesterday's discussion, we dissect the Democrats' two-night debate fest, airing live from Miami tonight and tomorrow. 

Two banks of 10 candidates each fill the roster for each session. Four of 24 candidates who thought they qualified to participate were bumped per party rules.


June 25, 2019  

With a bumper crop of 2020 pdresidential hopefuls, the Democratic Party first will have to explain cutting four candidates from its two-night debate fest in Miami (tomorrow and Wednesday night), winnowing the pack to a staggering  20.

 Leid Stories listeners offer their views on what the first round of Democratic presidential debates means.

June 24, 2019  

Retired Wall Street banker turned financial investigator Charles Ortel, who has been  coursing us through the highly irregular operations of the labyrinthine Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, says several foreign governments that donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the "charity " still don't know where their money went and are ready to take  legal action.

Ortel says that the evidence he has uncovered so far suggests the foundation is "the largest unprosecuted  charity fraud in U.S. history.”  


Is there any doubt that President Trump and his administration are out of control? His  vow to "obliterate" Iran over its downing last week of a U.S. spy  drone flying in what Iranian claimed was its territory was yet another example of Trump's hot-headed, knee-jerk approach to foreign policy. 

June 20, 2019  

House Judiciary subcommittee held a hearing yesterday on H.R. 40, urging a definitive resolution on reparations for descendants of black slaves. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has openly expressed opposition to any attempt at reparations.   

California  Gov. Gavin Newsom (Democrat) says it's time to admit to the state's history of genocide against indigenous people. Many Native American leaders welcomed Newsom's statement.

June 19, 2019  
The situation in Haiti grows more urgent by the day. The Organization of American States today goes to the distressed nation to attempt to broker an end to its internal chaos. But while the OAS will focus on internal impediments to peace, it will likely not focus on the devastation caused by Bill and Hillary Clinton.
President Donald Trump wowed supporters last night in Orlando as he formally announced he'll run again in 2020 to advance the "movement" he launched in 2016. Trump has reason to boast; he has, after all, redefined American politics and reversed the fortunes of the Democrats. Will he do it again?
June 18, 2019  
Kim Ives, investigative reporter,  independent documentarian and editor of the English-language editions of Haïti Liberté, discusses the current situation in Haiti.
President Trump says he will begin, starting next  week, to eradicate illegal immigration into the country. His plan calls for millions of arrests. The return of prison camps?

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