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May 6, 2019  

Lots of political drama and fighting, but not much that comes close to credible, doable, achievable ideas to lift the country out of the morass it's in.

Each day brings more chaos, scandals and proof that the worst people are in charge, running things the way they want to, not as they should. The people are angry, exhausted, and close to giving up. Is this the electoral master plan?

May 3, 2019  

It's our favorite day--"Free Your Mind Friday."-- on Leid  Stories, when we hold our own town hall, sharing information, opinions and ideas about things that affect us all.

Choose your topic, then call 888-874-4888 and tell us why you've been thinking about it. Don't be surprised if someone counters your point of view. 

May 2, 2019  

No poll taken now of how people feel about President Trump and his administration is likely to show an overabundance of warm, fuzzy feelings. Quite the opposite, poll results will more than likely confirm widespread angst about the country's downward spiral.

Leid Stories discusses a few news headlines that make the point.

May 1, 2019  

Leid Stories listeners add proper perspective to these stories that are are generating lots of "coverage" in the news.

April 30, 2019  

You'd think the Democratic Party might have learned a thing or two about political campaigns by now, but that would be an overstatement. Not even this mother-of-all showdowns with Donald Trump and his shameless Republican toadies seems to be inspiring bold new moves or a sense of urgency  by the Democrats, who should know by now that their chips are  running low.

April 29, 2019  

The gloves are off and the 2020 presidential battle has begun--even if the field of candidates, particularly on the Republican side, is far from complete. Seems right now it's Trump, The Republican Candidate, versus the The Others.

Is this what looms before us?

April 26, 2019  

Madness is the order of the day. But it is their madness, not yours. 

Take it easy on yourself and free your mind. Come into the forum (call 888-874-4888) and speak your truth. There you are, refreshed. Thanks for sharing.

April 25, 2019  

Hear that sound? It's frustration from people whose patience is wearing thin with a party that isn't saying where it wants to go, how it intends to get there, what's our stake in the game. 

April 24, 2019  

Criticisms of the established order abound--and with good reason. But where is our plan? What is our agenda? Almost on the cusp of 2020 elections, what's in play?

We give ourselves no quarter today. No dodging, no excuses: Are we doing what we're supposed to be doing? What's our plan?

April 23, 2019  

We are encouraged to believe that as a nation we're experiencing just another political phase that is, perhaps, a bit more dramatic than those we've been through. But soon enough this rough patch will be behind us and life will go on.

Somehow, this feels different. The situation's not normal.

Leid Stories asks listeners: How is the current situation shaping/reshaping your attitudes about U.S. politics?

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