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September 20, 2019  
September 18, 2019  

Leid Stories discusses a dramatic turning of the legal tide yesterday, the first day of the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump. 

Corey Lewandowski, a principal witness who was Trump's campaign manager and trusted political mechanic, hid all day behind court papers he said barred him from discussing any aspect of his relationship with Trump. But late in the day, attorneys found a way to break down Lewandowski's contrived wall of protection.

September 17, 2019  

Leid Stories looks at the U.S.'s puzzling response to the massive Sept. 14 attack on oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia and why, with President Trump commandeering a leading role in shaping a Saudi response, there is reason to worry.

September 16, 2019  
September 13, 2019  

The third of four Democratic "debates"--Leid Stories prefers to call them "Q&A sessions"--is over. Now it's time to analyze, not if or how the candidates answered the corporate media's questions, but whether and how they addressed our concerns.

September 12, 2019  

Leid Stories discusses the Democrats' big "debate" tonight, the third of four mashups featuring the party's presidential candidates. The venue is Texas Southern --09.12.19

September 11, 2019  

Leid Stories pays tribute to Robert Mugabe, former president and former prime minister of Zimbabwe, who died at a Singapore hospital on Sept. 6, 2019.

Horne holds the John J and Rebecca Moores chair of history and African American studies at the University of Houston. He has written dozens of books and hundreds of articles,  commentaries and scholarly papers on global struggles against imperialism, colonialism, fascism and racism.

September 10, 2019  

 Trump's Secret Camp David Peace Talks with Taliban Are 'Dead,'' Trump Says:  President Trump yesterday announced that top-secret talks at Camp David in Maryland--allegedly to broker a peace agreement among warring Islamic factions fighting for control in Afghanistan--are "dead," as far as I'm concerned."Leid Stories discusses why the Trump initiative couldn't have gone any other way.

Hillary Clinton Comes A-Knockin' Again. Which Democrat Is Going to Open the Door?: Former secretary of state and former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is going for broke. She's pursuing just about everyone likely to have a decent showing in the Democratic primaries either to take her along for the ride or to consider her as a running buddy for the big race in 2020. Notice Bill's lack of enthusiasm.

Almost 20 years later, have your views about the coordinated terrorist attacks on four U.S. targets by a group calling itself al Qaeda changed? Almost 3,000 people were killed, more than 6,000 injured, and more than $10 billion in damage caused to property and infrastructure.

September 9, 2019  

Hillary Clinton Wants In Again; Wants Elizabeth Warren to Open the Door; Trump's Secret 'Peace Initiative' with the Taliban at Camp David: So Bizarre On So Many Levels; Sharpiegate: Conspiracy of Denial About Trump's Deteriorating Mental Health;

These are our main topics on Leid Stories today. 


September 6, 2019  

This is not the time to be neutral or to have no opinion. With all that's going on in our part of the universe and in other parts,  surely something deeply affects you. 

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