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April 28, 2020  

Would Stacy Abrams Want to Be Biden's Running Mate If She Knew That An Ex-Staffer's 1993 Sexual-Assault Charge Against Him Still Has Not Been Prosecuted?

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D- S.C), a major force behind Joe Biden's startling comeback as a presidential candidate, winning several Southern states against Bernie Sanders, has strongly urged Biden to choose a woman--a black woman--as his running mate November's general election.

Biden has committed to having a woman vice president on his ticket, but hasn't said who he's considering, even as several prominent black civil-rights and political leaders say Abrams is the one.

Abrams, too, says she should be the one, and she's been very clear about it. She's more than qualified, she says, and would consider it an honor to serve with him.

But there are issues.

Is Abrams actually demanding the No. 2 spot on Biden's ticket and lining up supporters to force his hand? How can an avowed women's rights defender ignore a 1993 alleged sexual-assault by then-U.S. senator Biden that still remains unprosecuted.

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