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August 4, 2014  

On top of the $3.1 billion Israel receives each year in military aid (in lump sum—the only nation receiving U.S. aid on such terms), Congress approved an additional $504 million requested by President Obama (through the 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act) for its missile and anti-rocket systems.

Last Friday, before Congress recessed for an additional month of legislative inaction, the Senate unanimously approved an additional $225 million in military aid for Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system. The House responded equally generously with a 395-8 vote approving the measure.

Clearly, Israel continues to get what it wants, and on terms that it wants, few if any questions asked. But who in Congress is asking questions? More importantly, who is compelling the asking of questions?

Friday’s vote is bad news on many levels. It proves the absolute capitulation of the White House to Israel; the ineffectiveness of whatever is passing for a peace movement; the cooptation/sellout of allegedly progressive forces in Congress; and, yet again, the need for grassroots movements to develop viable political alternatives to the Democrats and Republicans, two wings of a flightless bird.  

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