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September 10, 2019  

 Trump's Secret Camp David Peace Talks with Taliban Are 'Dead,'' Trump Says:  President Trump yesterday announced that top-secret talks at Camp David in Maryland--allegedly to broker a peace agreement among warring Islamic factions fighting for control in Afghanistan--are "dead," as far as I'm concerned."Leid Stories discusses why the Trump initiative couldn't have gone any other way.

Hillary Clinton Comes A-Knockin' Again. Which Democrat Is Going to Open the Door?: Former secretary of state and former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is going for broke. She's pursuing just about everyone likely to have a decent showing in the Democratic primaries either to take her along for the ride or to consider her as a running buddy for the big race in 2020. Notice Bill's lack of enthusiasm.

Almost 20 years later, have your views about the coordinated terrorist attacks on four U.S. targets by a group calling itself al Qaeda changed? Almost 3,000 people were killed, more than 6,000 injured, and more than $10 billion in damage caused to property and infrastructure.

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