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March 14, 2019  
Ever the healer, President Donald Trump has adopted a new campaign to heal the nation's deep racial wounds. 
He's encouraging Jews to dump the Democratic Party, endorsing the view of Jexodus, a newly created movement that advocates opposition to and withdrawal from organizations seen as anti-Israel or the interests of Jews.
Leid Stories asks: Is this what a president ought to doing?
U.S. involvement in Venezuela, openly attempting to bring down the government of duly elected President Nicolas Maduro and instead install a puppet regime under opposition leader Juan Guido, has escalated over the past several months. Plunged into internal strife, Venezuela has managed to fend off a civil war and threats of U.S.-backed attacks from outside its borders.
Curiously, there have been no hearings in Congress on the matter, especially considering the alignment of international forces.
Why is the U.S. Congress not sounding the alarm? Why are we being kept in the dark about a world war brewing in our back yard?
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