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March 19, 2019  

Retired Wall Street banker Charles Ortel for several years has been examining the innards of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (the Clinton Foundation), concentrating on its financials, corporate structure and various "philanthropic" projects it has undertaken all over the world.

His self-directed investigations have led him to conclude that the foundation, which raked in staggering amounts of money in "donations" to fund foundation projects, not only was a money mill for the Clintons, but is "the largest unprosecuted fraud in U.S. history."

At first it seemed Ortell's investigations were being ignored by authorities. But the meticulousness of his research and the shocking findings it produced soon attracted the attention of investigators and prosecutors worldwide. They quietly started doing their own digging.

Ortel files his latest report and findings on the Clinton Foundation. There is strong evidence, he says, that the curtain is finally descending on the Clintons and their global, multimillion-dollar "charity" schemes.

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