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March 20, 2014  

The crisis in public education in the United States not only persists, but has become even more intense at the state and local levels because of the domino effect of the Obama administration’s “new-Democrat” policies.

Urban school districts, which serve the majority of the nation’s schoolchildren of color, are experiencing the fiercest battles in years over educational policy and administration, budget cuts, union contracts, teacher layoffs, testing, privatization, community control and school closings. Leid Stories’ guests today for decades have been stalwart soldiers in the battle to preserve public schools and to end educational inequality.

Karen Lewis, president of the 30,000-member Chicago Teachers Union, provides a status report on resistance to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s “reforms.”

And the well-known and venerated activist Helen Moore, a frontline civil-rights soldier for almost 50 years, discusses the violation of children’s rights to a quality education in Detroit.

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