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April 16, 2014  

Wage Theft: Workers Robbed On the Job--By Their Employers!

On The Money: Small PAC Takes On Big Campaign-Finance Issue

Bill O’Reilly’s Undiluted, Unrepentant Racism

Hundreds of thousands of American workers are being robbed while on the job, says Ross Eisenbrey, vice president of the Economic Policy Institute. Employers steal billions of dollars by shortchanging them of fair pay, he says, and the federal government is doing little about it. Wage theft, he reveals, is bigger than bank robberies, convenience store robberies, street and highway robberies, and gas station robberies combined. 

Big-money influence in politics may have met its match. A small political action committee, calling itself Wolf-PAC, has launched an ambitious plan to end corporate financing of political campaigns (reversing the controversial Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing corporations the same First Amendment (free-speech) rights as individuals). Todd Jagger, Wolf-PAC’s coordinator for Texas and Western states, says the organization is making inroads.

Fox News’s resident bigot Bill O’Reilly and guest John Calipari, Kentucky’s basketball coach, had a lovely little chat on Monday about Calipari’s experience in coaching and his new book, Players First: Coaching From the Inside Out. Leid Stories’ listeners decipher the content of the five-minute interview.

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