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April 17, 2014  

Peak Oil: What You Need to Know About A Looming Global Crisis

Hell In Hanford, WA: America’s Most Contaminated Nuclear Site

Leid Stories listener Jay Smith, an environmental activist, presents an FYI, “Peak Oil: The Basics on A Looming Global Crisis.” 

Recently launched as a peer-to-peer teaching and learning component of the program, FYIs are briefings or primers on subjects deserving further study and discussion.

Investigative reporter Paul DeRienzo, working under a Polk Awards journalism grant, files the first installment of “America’s Fukushima”--a series on a longstanding ecological disaster caused by massive contamination from the Hanford Site, a sprawling nuclear-reactor complex on the Columbia River in south-central Washington state.

The now-decommissioned site, built in 1943, housed the world’s first plutonium-production reactor that produced much of the nation’s nuclear arsenal, including the nuclear bombs used against Japan. But the operation of its nine reactors, phased out between 1968 and 1987, has created one of the largest ecological disasters in the United States. 

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