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October 30, 2014  

Midterm elections 2014 are providing strong clues about where we are as a nation. Depending on where locates oneself on the political spectrum, the clues are either assurances that a carefully calibrated system will remain relatively intact, or a harbinger of chaos and doom. Middle ground has all but disappeared.

Those feeling secure, of course, are not worrying about the political choices they will make. But large numbers of those who are worried are caught in an awful bind; they’re not at all comfortable with the political choices they will make.

Considering that the Republican-Democratic duopoly will dominate the political choices of most voters, will it also include Progressives and people of color this time around? Or, will midterm elections spawn new political activism and movements?

If the latter, says Leid Stories, the time has come for no-frills, no-thrills democracy and serious coalition building predicated on eradicating all impediments to freedom, equality and justice.

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