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April 18, 2019  

The Trump propaganda machine is on full blast about "ex-Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig's indictment a week ago on charges of lying to federal investigators, including those on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team, about work Craig might have done foreign clients, including former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych, but not reporting it to U.S. authorities, as he was required to do.

Trump and his passel of media mouthpieces immediately seized on the news, deliberately identifying Craig and his alleged crimes with the Obama White House. Not true. Craig was long gone from the White House and, like Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, had set himself up as a well-connected consultant available to foreign governments looking to increase their leverage with Washington.

Craig's legal entanglements and personal connections are sure to come to light. Leid Stories discusses some of them.

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