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September 27, 2018  

Kwame Kilpatrick, a former Democratic state representative and former mayor of the City of Detroit, currently is serving a 28-year sentence after conviction, in 2003, on 24 federal fraud and racketeering charges. He left office in 2008 after being convicted on federal perjury and obstruction-of-justice charges. Kilpatrick's political resume should make him a pariah, but activists in Detroit are urging a reconsideration of his plight. Kilpatrick, they say, was targeted for political annihilation by a racist system. Longtime activist Elena Herrada explains.

We return to the Trump's U.S. Supreme Court nominee mess, which gets messier by the minute--with claims of sexual misconduct hounding nominee Brett Kavanaugh rather than  close scrutiny of his legal scholarship and his attitudes concerning sensitive matters of law.

Trump, no longer a vigorous defender of his  nominee, appears to be distancing himself from Kavanaugh. Has Trump decided to save himself and leave Kavanaugh to the  wolves?

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