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December 27, 2013  

Detroit, now Chicago: A Kick-Start to A Democratic Party Revolt?

On Dec. 19, the Rev. Al Sharpton and a coterie of handpicked elected officials, clergy and community leaders were to “lead a Chicago community town hall meeting to call for a unified commitment to end gun violence,” Sharpton’s public-relations agent said in a media advisory about the nationally hyped event.

Well, let’s just say the agenda was changed. Dramatically. The packed auditorium at Hyde Park Academy reverberated with condemnations of political lackeys and turncoat figureheads, a useless Democratic Party, a hateful Mayor Rahm Emanuel and an indifferent President Obama for mass suffering in Chicago.

Grassroots Detroit has been fully engaged in a pushback and political organizing against extreme misery brought on by the court-permitted bankruptcy of the city – seen essentially as a political gift to banksters and real estate robber barons. And now Chicago.

Leid Stories asks: Is this the start of a Democratic Party revolt?  

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