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December 23, 2013  

“Where Are We? Where Are We Going?: A Year-End Reality Check

At the end of a tumultuous year and on the cusp of another, Leid Stories begins a series of end-of-year discussions to encourage a dialogue about the realities and challenges of life in various segments of our society – both as a reminder that we’re not “all in this together,” and as a caution against the one-size-fits-all, zero-sum model for social, political and economic change.


The series kicks off with attorney Alton H. Maddox Jr., whose deep political activism and four-plus decades as a self-appointed “people’s attorney general” litigating, pro bono, some of the most contentious cases involving official and prosecutorial misconduct in New York history, inform a scathing analysis of the principal impediments to power and progress in the African American community and society at large.

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