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November 25, 2013  

Wall Street, City Gov’t, Recession to Blame for Detroit’s Debts;

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama’s Nuclear Trade Bomb;

Pardoning Injustice: The Scottsboro 9 and the Central Park 5


Wall Street bankers, inept city government and a woeful economy are responsible for Detroit’s fiscal woes, says a scathing independent report on the city’s dire fiscal crisis. The author of the report, Wallace Turbeville, a senior fellow at Demos, a Manhattan-based public-policy think tank, bares the details.

His secretly-written, corporate-sponsored Affordable Care Act imploding, President Obama is pushing to “fast-track” his completely secret Trans-Pacific Partnership trade initiative before the end of the year. He’s in for a huge fight; organizations of just about every political persuasion are united in opposition to it and are mobilizing. Elizabeth Warren, a regional organizer with Move On, talks about what is shaping up to be Obama’s epic disaster.

Leid Stories in a commentary points to two iconic cases that illustrate how the criminal-justice system routinely expunges itself and its agents of blame and corruption in race-based, wrongful-conviction cases and adamantly refuses to make its victims whole.

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