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October 31, 2019  

It's Not Just Trump Who Should Face the Wrath; What Happened to Puerto Rico's Allocated Federal Budget for post-Hurricane Maria Rebuilding and Repairs?

Despite vigorous objection from Republicans, Democrats in the House of Representatives believe they have enough votes to prevail in the first skirmish in the impeachment war today-- approving the ground rules for impeachment hearings against President Trump. 

The battle is on and the acrimony, especially among Republicans, is extreme.  What might the reasons be for this? How might it affect the nation?

Ben Carson, secretary of the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, has been withholding billions of dollars from Puerto Rico. The funds were to have kickstarted a massive rebuilding and reconstruction program in the wake of the devastation caused two years ago by Hurricane Maria. Members of the Hispanic Caucus are in dogged pursuit of the funds, which Carson can't seem to account for. To date, Puerto FICO has received only $43 million,  one-third of what allocated and approved by Congress.

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