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October 29, 2014  

The Battle for Benton Harbor, Michigan, Unfolds in Weird Court Case

Spooky! Sharpton Plays A Trick on Ferguson As A Treat for Democrats

Whirlpool Corporation has its eyes on Benton Harbor, Mich., an almost all-Black town of just over 10,000 on the shores of Lake Michigan that looks nothing like the toney estates and swank shops the company wants instead. Whirlpool’s plan to gobble up the town was going well—until the Rev. Edward Pinkney rallied the locals not only against the corporation, but also against co-opted elected officials, including the mayor, willing to execute its plan.

In the aftermath of a Pinkney-led recall of the mayor, the fiery pastor found himself charged with five counts of election fraud—allegedly for changing dates on five petitions. A report from the courthouse yesterday said none of the prosecution’s witnesses could say Pinkney altered any petitions. Leid Stories gets an update today from Pinkney, who says his trial is “punishment” for organizing against Whirlpool and political corruption.

Bloviator in Chief Al Sharpton swoops into Ferguson, MO, on a four-day mission, starting on Halloween (Oct. 31), to mine votes for the Democrats in the name of Michael Brown, killed by local police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. It’s also a pacification program to keep the lid on growing outrage over the handling of the case and speculation that a grand jury will find no reason to indict Wilson.

Leid Stories discusses Sharpton’s trick-and-treat mission. 

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