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October 29, 2013  

If the Clintons Love You, You Just Ain’t Right;

14 Black Preachers’ “Devotion to God” Compels Support for ObamaCare


The scandal-ridden former co-presidents of the United States, Bill and Hillary Clinton, have pulled out all the stops for their man, former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, in a three-way gubernatorial race in Virginia in which he has a substantial lead. This should serve as an early warning to conscientious voters that their state is in grave danger of becoming a new conduit for Clinton-McAuliffe pay-to-play politics. African American voters are in a position to determine the outcome, but will they leave the Democratic Party’s plantation?

Fourteen prominent religious leaders representing millions of African Americans of many different Christian denominations have declared in a joint statement that their “devotion to God” requires them to actively enroll as many people as possible into the bedeviled ObamaCare program – proving why it’s difficult for African Americans to leave the Democratic Party’s plantation. 

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