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October 27, 2014  

Detroit: Massive Wave of New Foreclosures to Hit 150,000

Whose City?: The Big Plan for Your Big City Is … You’re Not There!

One-fifth of Detroit’s population, an estimated 150,000 homeowners, most of them African American, will receive foreclosure notices from the Wayne County treasurer’s office by year’s end that their properties will be sold at auction for nonpayment of property taxes. His does not include almost 30,000 who already are in the process of being evicted from their homesteads.

The new wave of pending foreclosures leaves no doubt about the real intent of the city’s forced bankruptcy, say local activists—a race-based plan to empty the city of its “undesirable” residents in order to “re-imagine” it for wealthier whites.

Abayomi Azikiwe, our correspondent on the battle over Detroit’s bankruptcy, reports on the announced foreclosures and related issues.

A recent Leid Stories guest, Joel Kotkin, author of the provocative The New Class Conflict, wrote an article that appeared in the New York Daily News yesterday that reinforced a major point in his book: America’s large urban centers are systematically being emptied of targeted populations and are fast becoming strongholds for the wealthy. New York City, he says, is a prime example. 

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