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October 24, 2013  

So, What Have We Here?: Rating Obama and His Administration

Almost a year into his second term, President Barack Obama’s tenure can hardly be described as smooth sailing – the current crisis in Washington a case in point. The “liberal” Democrat was at a 69-percent approval rating after his first year in office (Gallup poll, Jan. 22, 2009), but recent polls are indicating a huge loss of love for the nation’s leader.

What accounts for this?

Leid Stories conducts its own “poll” of listeners’ perceptions of Obama and his administration. Among other things, they will be asked whether their view of him in his second term has changed, and if so, what accounts for the change; what they consider his greatest achievement and his greatest failure to date; and, on a scale of 1 to 10, how they would rate his performance in office.

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