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October 22, 2014  

Now Is the Time for All Good Folk to Say, ‘Count on Me!’

Leid Stories devotes the program today to some good old-fashioned fundraising. Teaming up with PRN’s founder-visionary and health expert Gary Null, we’ll be asking listeners of this wonderful station to enthusiastically support its mission—providing information through a wide array of programming that empowers you.

Leid Stories will be pitching for the station as a whole and also for the program. “It’s a self-imposed task I’m delighted to do,” says Leid Stories host Utrice Leid. “We all must do our part to maintain PRN and its programming. I’m not waiting to be asked, and I’m sure the Leid Stories audience will join me in proactively supporting our flagship, PRN.FM.”

Fundraising won’t last for weeks or months, like at other stations—just until Friday.

Listen for our special thank-you gifts today. Call 877-627-5065 or 646-926-5422 to make your contribution. And when you call, mention that you’re a “proactive Leid Stories listener, and PRN can count on me!”

Sincerest thanks for your support. 

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