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September 30, 2021  
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Sixteen years since it last issued a mandatory minimum wage -- or, put another way, after almost two decades of protests, lobbying and legal wrangling -- the State of Florida as of today must adhere to new minimum-wage laws.

The last time Florida enacted a minimum-rate law was in 2004, when the state capped it at $6.15 per hour.

The state this week has approved an hourly rate of $10 -- and, for tipped workers, from $8.65 an hour to $10 -- but workers and their unions have their eyes on a $15-an-hour national standard.

It's been -- and continues to be -- a long, hard fight for U.S. workers to earn a fair, living wage, and the struggle continues all over the country, said to be the world's largest economy. 

How do you see it? 


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