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September 26, 2013  

Black Tribulation: Obama’s Ultimate Triumph

African Americans have fueled the meteoric rise of Barack Obama—from the Illinois state Senate to the U.S. Senate and, finally, to the presidency. Out-performing all other political constituencies and voting blocs, they delivered decisive victories for him in his ascendancy—an investment, as they saw it, not only in his personal achievement, but more so in the shared hope for long-overdue attention to and improvement in their dire social and economic circumstances.

This has not happened. Worse, Obama has shown neither interest nor intention to make it happen. In the season of 50th-anniversary civil-rights commemorations, Obama could deliver only vapid speeches about what others had achieved decades ago and contemptuous reprimands about self-responsibility and hard work.

Leid Stories updates Obama’s abysmal record with respect to his most loyal voting bloc.   

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