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September 23, 2014  

Stupid Stuff: Behind Obama’s ‘Smart’ War in Iraq and Syria

Going Green: Big Money and the Climate-Change Movement

President Obama yesterday intensified his war against the Islamic State with airstrikes against IS   strongholds in northern Syria. The foreign-policy philosophy Obama articulated earlier this year—“Don’t do stupid s[tuff].”—appears to be off the table; the war is now a three-pronged effort, Iraq also in the crosshairs.

In ordering the airstrikes in Syria and threatening retaliation against any of Bashar al-Assad’s forces if they should take any action in defense of Syria’s sovereignty, the president has taken his “stupid s[tuff]” doctrine to an exponential level of recklessness and lawlessness. Like his predecessor, George W. Bush, Obama is shamelessly lying about the reasons for his military action in Iraq and Syria.

Investigative journalist Arun Gupta, former international news editor of The Guardian and contributor to several leftist publications and journals, discusses why he had “a bad feeling” about the People’s Climate March. Hint: He’s on the money.

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