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September 17, 2014  

How Do You Like Him Now?: The ‘Peace’ President Is A Hostage of His War

Oddly, it was his Nobel Peace Prize lecture on Dec. 10, 2009 that first hinted that the “peace” candidate put into the White House just a year earlier by millions of Americans clinging to the Democrat’s promise of “hope” and “change [they] could believe in” was in fact a war hawk like George W. Bush, his Republican predecessor.  

The ensuing years and last week’s “declaration of war” against Islamic State terrorists holed up in pockets of Iraq and Syria—a pretext for the re-invasion of the former and long-planned invasion of the latter—have removed all doubt. Obama’s bomb-first-talk-later directive and his reckless disregard for the rule of law and democratic principles, both domestically and internationally, make Bush’s state crimes against democracy look like mere slipups.

Leid Stories dismantles Obama’s warhead, explaining why the president feels compelled to out-hawk the war hawks, and how, ironically, this has made him a hostage of his cranked-up version of Bush’s utterly disastrous “war on terror.”

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