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August 29, 2013  

Obama Flips the Script: ‘Progress Is the People’s Responsibility’

The occasion being the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Justice, you’d think a sitting (even if lame-duck) president would have a lot to say about what he’s doing to deliver on … jobs and justice.

Well, you’d be wrong if that’s what you’re thinking.

With a faux preacher’s cadence, President Obama rambled through a metaphor-riddled speech (clearly written by someone culturally out of touch trying desperately to rival Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream”) that (a) ignored the reasons then and now for the march; (b) became a treatise on King and his speech; and (c) revised the historic 1963 black-led protest over the plight of the nation’s black folk into a twisted evangelical mission to save the “middle class.”

Leid Stories explains how and why Obama flipped the script.

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