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August 22, 2014  

Add Your Flavor to the Intellectual Stew! It's "Free Your Mind" Friday!

If you came through this week without an opinion about anything, you are clinically dead.  

But if like most Leid Stories listeners you’ve been walking around with a week’s worth of heavy-duty opinions just aching to find their way to a mic, then step right up; call in and free your mind.

It’s “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories, your chance to pilot the ship where you want it to go. Offer your best opinions and ideas to a community of thinkers who may differ with you, but never with the intent of gratuitously scoring points. We function at a much higher level and we have good manners.

Call in—888-874-4888—and add your flavor to the intellectual stew. It’s tasty!

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