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July 30, 2013  

Two issues! What’s Your Opinion? Voice Your View on Open Forum!

You know things are bad and the pickings slim when prostitute-patron ex-governor Eliot Spitzer, now a candidate for comptroller, thinks the weenie-texting ex-congressman Anthony Weiner is an embarrassment to politics and should quit the race for mayor – and Weiner was in the lead! So, question: With candidates like these running under the Democratic banner, is this not the best time to dump the Democratic Party?

While NSA superleaker Edward Snowden continues his temporary asylum in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, his dad Lonnie has revved up his campaign to force the Obama administration to agree to terms that might encourage his son to return to the United States. In any event, says Lonnie Snowden, his son has done the right thing by exposing the NSA’s massive cybersurveillance program. So, question: Should the U.S. government negotiate Snowden’s return and whatever charges it might bring against him?

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