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July 26, 2013  

Courting Trouble: How the Court Manipulates Jurors’ Verdicts

A second juror’s explanation of how the six-member panel arrived at its not-guilty verdict against George Zimmerman raises troubling questions.

Identified as Juror B29, the lone nonwhite juror in an exclusive interview with Nightline’s Robin Roberts spoke of her agony in voting not guilty—even though she initially had voted for conviction on the second-degree murder charge. The law was very confusing, she said, but she felt pressured to “obey the law.”

Juror B 37, the first juror to speak publicly after the verdict, related a similar story about how confusing the law was.

Leid Stories tells why the jurors voted to acquit Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26 last year and why, as Juror B29 said, “he got away with murder.”

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