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June 15, 2015  

Hillary’s Off. And Running Against Obama?

Black Like Me: What Should Rachel Dolezal’s Story Mean to America?

A vapid yawner of a speech at the Iowa State Fairgrounds yesterday, scripted to the nth degree by her political handlers, did little to sell Hillary Clinton’s self-proclaimed superlative experience and skills in international trade. Instead, the Democratic presidential candidate took aim at her former boss and “buddy,” criticizing President Barack Obama’s handling of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and related trade issues, but not saying where she stands on the TPP. (Note to Hillary: Obama’s not running.)

Leid Stories explains what’s behind Hillary’s attack on Obama and her murkiness about her position on the TPP and similar trade agreements.   

The national brouhaha rages on about Rachel Dolezal—the Eastern Washington University professor and president of the NAACP’s local chapter in Spokane—over her claimed African American identity.

What should Dolezal’s story, and the furor it has caused, mean to America?  

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