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May 28, 2014  

In the Midst of Calamity, Haiti Moves to Expel Foreign "Stabilizing" Forces

Observations on Nigeria’s Boko Haram Crisis; Ed Snowden’s Spy Games

Veteran journalist Kim Ives, an editor with Haïti Liberté, a news weekly serving the Haitian diaspora, reports on Haiti’s efforts to remove various international contingents of “stabilizing forces” assigned to the embattled country after the catastrophic earthquake four years ago. He also discusses President Michel Martelly’s latest moves to frustrate increasing demands for national elections.

Leid Stories offers commentaries on the government’s handling of the continued Boko Haram terrorist attacks and crisis in Nigeria, raising questions about the country’s superrich business sector, and on NBC’s “interview” tonight of NSA spy Edward Snowden—a study on the role of the media in aiding and abetting hidden agendas.

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