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May 21, 2015  

The Fix Is In: Banksters Buy Their Way Out; Prosecutor Preempts Justice 

Applied Political Science: Nagging Issues, Smart Fixes

The U.S. Justice Department is allowing four major banks to buy their way out of a massive international interest-rate-rigging scheme. The repeat offenders, although they have pleaded guilty to manipulating the foreign-exchange market, will cough up $6 billion and everybody walks. In St. Louis, Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce unilaterally decides that no criminal conduct could be proven against a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed African American man two months after the killing of Michael Brown in nearby Ferguson. The cop walks.

Leid Stories explains how and why the fix is in.

On any given day, we could easily rattle off a long list of things we think are wrong with the country, the government, the system, even our fellow Americans. Politically speaking, it’s par for the course.

The list gets much shorter, however, if we’re asked to suggest fixes to the things we think are wrong or aren’t working.

Leid Stories takes on the challenge today. Listeners are asked to identify a major national problem or nagging issue and a specific way of solving it within a relatively short time.

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