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May 20, 2013  

President Obama apparently deemed it irrelevant that Morehouse College has been battling educational apartheid, shaping the minds of African American men and molding them into stalwart and exemplary leaders since 1867. Or, maybe he had nothing really relevant or new to say. Morehouse’s graduating Class of 2013 sat through a steady rain, complete with thunder and lightning, to hear Obama go homie on them with his standard themes when addressing African Americans, especially men: make good choices and don’t go to jail; don’t be a sperm-donor absentee father; there’s no excuse for a lack of ambition; face up to personal responsibilities; hard work is how one achieves in life. For that Morehouse conferred on Obama an honorary doctor of laws degree. Did the president go homie at the $32,400-per-couple fundraiser held at the office of the foundation of Arthur M. Blank, co-founder of Home Depot and owner of the Atlanta Falcons, following his Morehouse gig? Nuh-uh!

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