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May 17, 2013  

Obama: No Rescue for Haitians, But Rescue Him More than three years after a devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake and 52 significant aftershocks hit Haiti, killing 316,000 people, dispossessing 3 million others and literally shutting down the impoverished nation, a program that would have allowed U.S.-based Haitians to send for their distressed relatives and care for them while Haiti rebuilds remains in limbo. The emergency measure received bipartisan support, but President Obama has refused to green-light it. Steven Forester, immigration policy coordinator for the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, explains the current situation. Plus, Leid Stories continues the discussion on why, with the groundswell of opposition to Obama and his administration, the core constituency the embattled president has ignored will be expected to come to his aid and rescue.

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