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May 16, 2013  

In Washington, The Blame Game’s At A Slow Burn

Fully one-third of the committees in the Republican-controlled House in some way are investigating the Obama administration. They’re not in a hurry; in fact, they really, really want to take their time—say, another three years or so. Good government is not to be rushed! The Republicans are relishing a plethora of opportunities to score points with jaded voters and regroup their fractured party. They’re hitching their horses to hearings on the IRS debacle, Benghazi-gate, the Justice Department’s spying on AP reporters, and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s solicitation of funds from health-care companies to promote Obamacare enrollment. Leid Stories explains why this “perfect storm” of political liabilities, though designed to sink Obama, could be made to backfire. But does Obama have it in him to do it?

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