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May 7, 2015  

In Baltimore and Chicago,  Fancy Footwork on Police 'Reforms';
A Scholar Tackles White Historiography

The mayors of Baltimore and Chicago yesterday did some fancy footwork on the matter of bringing their respective police departments in line. They cleverly
staged news events that made it appear that they were hands-on in responding to their cities' demands for closer oversight of their police departments,  when in fact they were passing the buck.
Baltimore's Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake asked the Justice Department to probe her city’s police department for civil rights violations, and Chicago's Rahm Emanuel announced a $5-million "reparations" fund for victims of police torture.
Leid Stories explains why the cities' chief stewards refuse to take their out-of-control departments head on.
Noted Caribbean scholar-historian and  novelist Jan Carew tackles white-supremacist historiography, focusing on the Seminole Wars.

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