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May 4, 2022  
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Here's what we're talking about on Leid Stories today -- Living well(ish) on a tight budget.


▪︎Are you preparing / have you begun to make plans to live in a war economy? What changes have you made or are planning to make? What plans should we consider making right now?


▪︎Make a plan, with a minimum of how much you'll try to save each week. Encourage each member of your household to do the same.


▪︎Set up your own network of family and friends also trying to cut expenses and save money.


▪︎ Cut your utility bills.


▪︎Cut your drycleaning bill.


▪︎Start a pantry for making simple, low-cost, nutritious meals.


▪︎ Make a list of people near you who should be checked on or might need assistance.


▪︎ Stay on (or, even better,  below) budget, taking advantage of specials and sales.


▪︎Consider healthier choices for you and your family.


▪︎Creatively mix and match or recycle clothing.


▪︎Buy when there's a good sale.

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