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April 22, 2013  

A Triumph Over Terrorism? America’s “Teachable Moment”

The intent was to strike terror in the hearts and minds of Americans, and, to some degree, they succeeded.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and his 19-year-old brother Dzhokhar—the alleged terror tag team in a just-plain-stupid plan to exact revenge for something or other (it’s still not known) by trying to kill and maim as many runners and spectators as possible at the Boston Marathon (??)—aren’t being extolled or embraced by anybody.
Still, Boston’s week from hell was what President Obama might call “a teachable moment” for America. For, it brought to light a number of issues and nagging questions that repeatedly have been raised about his and previous administrations’ so-called “war on terror,” but not answered.
For his and the nation’s benefit, Leid Stories raises them again.
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