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April 16, 2020  

Trump has China in his sights. Charges China hid -- and still is hiding-- the true impact of its coronavirus casualties. He has started a media war over this with China, and is angry that his editorial direction is not being followed.

>>  Thousands of Michiganders descended--in cars and other vehicles--on the state capital, Lansing, yesterday, demanding an end to the state's stay-at- home policies that the protesters say have been excessively disruptive in their lives. But Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is holding the line. The order, which also has been imposed in other states, will reduce the spread of the coronavirus, she says.

>> It's "economic stimulus"  money, and people are delighted to get a small stash of cash in these hard times. But do we care where it's coming from, or about what James Brown called "the big payback?" Are we being Trumped by Trump?

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