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April 8, 2015  

Post-Runoff Blues: Chi-Town the Day After

Rahm Emanuel’s Win Points Up Nagging Problem of Leadership

The day after The Great Runoff finds Chicagoans taking the outcome—Rahm Emanuel’s return to City Hall for a second term—in stride, and political gurus mining the numbers for hidden clues about the race.

Emanuel’s win, with 56 percent of the vote, came the hard way, and with a repeat of the message that he’s not nearly the gift he thinks he is to Chicago. Challenger and first-time mayoral contender Jesús “Chuy” García, a Cook County commissioner who helped block Emanuel from winning a majority of the votes in the Feb. 24 election (which forced the runoff), got 44 percent of the vote.

Leid Stories listener-correspondent Gardis H. Watts, a native Chicagoan who filed a report about the race on Monday, the eve of the election, describes the day-after mood in Chi-Town.

Host Utrice Leid follows with a blistering commentary: “Why Rahm Emanuel Should Have Been  Defeated.”    

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