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March 31, 2021  
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Trial and Tribulation: What's Troubling About the Prosecution of Derek Chovin, the Minnesota Ex- Cop on Trial for Killing George Floyd

"Leid Stories" host Utrice Leid, who has covered many controversial death-by-cop cases as a journalist in New York, discusses troubling aspects of the case against fired Minnesota cop Derek Chovin. 

Currently on trial on murder and manslaughter charges in the May 25, 2010 death of George Floyd, Chovin headed a four-man team attempting to arrest Floyd for passing a phony $20 bill at a neighborhood convenience store. But things went horribly wrong as Floyd resisted arrest. Chovin subdued Floyd by pressing into Floyd's neck with his knee and holding it there for nine minutes and 29 seconds. Floyd, unable to breathe, went limp. He was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

With the trial just started, Leid says she sees troubling signs with the prosecution.

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