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March 19, 2015  

Q’s Life Still Matters: A Family’s Quest for Justice In A Police Killing -- (Part 2)

L’Sana DJahspora on Tuesday (March 17) described the horror of the moment he learned, on Nov. 7, 2014, that Cinque “Q” DJahspora, his 20-year-old son, a game designer, was dead—shot by a Jackson, Tennessee, police near the entrance to the condominium complex where the DJahsporas lived.

The way police dealt with him—when when they came to his door to inform him of the incident and that his son was taken to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital—unnerved him, L’Sana said in Part 1. Their curtness turned into open hostility at the hospital, where he went to identify his son, he said. He was given very little information about what had happened, and the little that he did get just wasn’t adding up.

He had come up against a hard blue wall of silence. He began to suspect a coverup was in the making.

In today’s program, L’Sana discusses how he came to that conclusion. 

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