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March 17, 2015  

Q’s Life Still Matters: A Family’s Quest for Justice In A Police Killing

As usual, L’Sana DJahspora had his day planned. He was well on task on Nov. 7, 2014, when toward the end of the day he received a call every parent dreads getting. His 20-year-old son Cinque—“Q”—was dead, shot by a local Jackson, Tennessee, police officer, L’Sana was told. The details were sketchy, but Q was gone.

L’Sana went numb, way beyond the point of pain. But there was neither time nor space to deal with the brutal reality that was now thrust upon him and his family. “Got to get to Q,” was all he could think, “and got to find out why he’s dead.”

L’Sana DJahspora shares the agony of that moment, and of the months since then,   in the first of four in-depth conversations about the death of his son at the hands of police; the  wall of resistance, misconduct and corruption he has encountered in trying to discover the truth about the shooting; the predatory interest of lawyers and “leaders” seeking to exploit these kinds of cases for their own agendas; and how fellowship with others whose loved ones were wrongfully killed by police has inspired a new mission in his life.  

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