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March 12, 2015  

Haiti: A Treasure Trove of Questionable Clinton Dealings

Emailgate, the latest issue to bring Hillary Rodham Clinton’s credibility and ethics into question, probably won’t be the last to stand in the way of an all-but-declared presidential run. A survivor of several criminal, ethics-violations, conflict-of-interest and corruption investigations that span her political career, Clinton reportedly is at the center of at least six new probes connected to her tenure as U.S. secretary of state in the Obama administration.

Trouble for the former first lady and U.S. senator, however, is not just of the home-brewed variety. Stories are surfacing that link her to highly irregular political and business dealings outside of the United States.

Haiti hides a treasure trove of such Clinton dealings, says our guest, veteran journalist Kim Ives, cofounder of the international weekly newspaper Haïti Liberté. He unearths and reveals a few.

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