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February 26, 2014  

The IRP6 & the FBI, Chapter 5: Bogus Trial, Bogus Verdicts

Listeners Ask Questions About This Unusual Case


Leid Stories concludes last week’s (Feb. 19) discussion of the trial of six executives (the IRP6) of an African American-owned software company who on June 9, 2009 saw their Colorado City offices raided by 21 armed FBI agents and boxes of intellectual and other property taken under a warrant alleging fraud.

Investigative Resource Planning Solutions (IRP) was a sham operation and engaging in fraud because it racked up substantial balances with several IT staffing firms for help in creating software products that didn’t exist, a 25-count federal indictment charged, although a previous grand jury had found the same charges to be totally without merit.

A trial that can only be described as bizarre resulted in convictions of the six men, who currently are serving terms of up to 11 years.  

The IRP6 maintain that the raid, indictment and trial were designed to shut the company out of multimillion-dollar government contracts the company was on the verge of getting with an innovative software solution it designed and, eventually, to shut the company down permanently.  

Listeners ask questions of two guests who worked at IRP and now are with A Just Cause, an organization seeking the release of the IRP6 and a full federal investigation of the case.

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