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February 21, 2014  

Close Out the Week with “Free-Form Friday” on Leid Stories

It would be “Open Forum” if it were Tuesday. But Tuesday was Part 2 of a very important discussion on the Stand Your Ground law that began on Monday. Wednesday was booked and so was Thursday, so the logical thing to do was to do on Friday what we normally would do on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday being out of the question. But should a name associated with a Tuesday program be used for a similar program airing on a Friday? A reasonable mind would say, “No, that would cause confusion.” Hence “Free-Form Friday,” a very clever way to convey that while the Friday program may share some of the features of the Tuesday program, it is not to be expected that it will be the same. If it is, it will vary in exactness.

Now, show your genius at explaining things clearly and concisely, as has been done here.

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