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February 20, 2014  

False Profits: Snowden’s NSA Loot Launches Multimillion-Dollar Business

Detroit Update: Major Concerns As City Submits 10-Year Restructuring Plan


Let’s see here. A self-righteous Edward Snowden steals an alleged 1.7 million classified files from the NSA and flees the country with them. Soon, a few stories based on the files began to appear—most of them in the London Guardian under the byline of lawyer-turned-reporter Glenn Greenwald who, like his source, becomes an international hero for exposing the dark dealings of the NSA both at home and abroad. Then silence. Then word of a $250-million media operation, financed by e-Bay founder and chairman Pierre Omidyar, with Greenwald in a major role—and Snowden’s looted files as a main draw.

Leid Stories calls out the false prophets and the false profits.  

This week the City of Detroit’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, is expected to present to the federal judge overseeing its controversial bankruptcy a plan for restructuring its purported $18-billion debt.

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of Pan-African News Wire and Detroit organizer for the Workers World Parry, reports on the concerns and expectations of stakeholders, especially city workers and retirees, about Orr’s 10-year plan.

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